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  • What makes your PEX-FLEX different than other insulated pipe systems?

    PEX-FLEX has a number of unique features. Most notably, it is a bonded system. The PEX carrier pipe is bonded to the PUR foam due to the EVAL coating, the Polyurethane (PUR) foam is bonded to the Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) casing by means of a polymer Diffusion Barrier. This bonded system absorbs expansion and contraction and eliminates the ingress and travel of water should there be damage to the pipe. Another important difference with PEX-FLEX is the Diffusion Barrier, or Smart membrane. This polymer is engineered to prevent diffusion of cell gases through the casing. Thus the pipes retain the same high insulation properties throughout the entire service life. Our competitors cannot make the same claim.
  • What sizes of carrier pipe are available?

    PEX-FLEX is available with a single PEX carrier pipe in nominal sizes of ½” (20mm) up to 4” (110mm).

    DUAL PEX-FLEX is available with 2 PEX carrier pipes per single casing in nominal sizes of 2 x ½” (20mm) up to 2 x 1 ½” (50mm).
  • Is PEX-FLEX very flexible?

    Flexible is a relative term. Our pipe is flexible enough to be coiled and easily transported. Uncoiling our pipe takes some work. Once installed the “bulletproof” system lasts well over 30 years. See chart below for minimum radius figures.

    Jacket pipe OD Minimum radius of curvature
    mm (in) m (ft)
    77 (3.0) 0.8 (2.6)
    90 (3.5) 0.9 (3.0)
    110 (4.3) 1.1 (3.5)
    125 (4.9) 1.2 (4.0)
    140 (5.5) 1.4 (4.5)
    160 (6.3) 1.6 (5.2)
  • What lengths does PEX-FLEX pipe come in?

    PEX-FLEX pipe comes in full coils of 328 ft. (100m). Dual 1” (32mmx32mm) comes in coils of 567’ (173m). “Double length” rolls are available, on special order, in certain dimensions; for example, Dual 1” (32mmx32mm). All coils are available “cut to length” for specific projects and applications.
  • What if my installation is longer than 1 coil of pipe, say 375 feet?

    We would offer a full 328' coil and a 47' piece cut to length. You then require a pex to pex coupler and insulation kit to make the system watertight.
  • How do I transition from plastic to metal piping system? Do I need fittings?

    At this time all PEX pipe needs a mechanical fitting to transition to other types of pipe. You will need to “come-off” the PEX tubing at some point. Therefore you will need an adapter make the transition. A PEX to NPT Male thread adapter will allow the transition from the plastic PEX to other plumbing fittings and pipe.
  • Dimension of the coils and weights

    The Coils of PEX-FLEX are produced to be transported in an ocean going container. All coils are 8’ across to a maximum of 8’ high. The weight of the coil depends of pipe diameter and length. Coil Weights range from 50kg (110lbs) – 570kg (1200 lbs). Please contact URECON at, for more details.
  • Your website states that: “All sizes are metric, neither IPS nor CTS sizes; imperial adapters are supplied as required”. Why do you use Metric sized pipe?

    PEX-FLEX is produced in Europe under European standards for pipe sizing, Diametre Nomimal or DIN. This standard uses metric measure.

    The North American Nominal Pipe size (NPS) system works the same way, the unit of measure is Imperial. Whether the pipe is NPS or DN it is reporting the “approximate” outside diameter of the pipe. Pipe wall thickness varies by manufacturer and thus the Inside diameter of the pipe varies.

    Upon conversion from DN to NPS a 32mm DN pipe is the closest in size to a 1” NPS pipe. It has a larger Inside Diameter but within the Nominal range.
  • Can I use PEX-FLEX for my household water?

    YES - PEX–Flex is suitable and certified for POTABLE water (drinking and household use).
  • Are expansion loops required OR how does one accommodate for expansion/contraction?

    Expansion loops are NOT required. Due to the properties of the PEX carrier pipe Expansion/contraction need not be a consideration.
  • Any special backfill?

    No. Simply backfill with the soil removed during trenching. It is recommended that the material not contain organic material, nor sharp edged grains which could damage the pipe and joints over time.

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