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Millions of feet of PEX-Flex have been installed in industrial, commercial and residential hydronic related pipe systems around the world. The pipe is used wherever energy savings are required by keeping overall heat losses (or gains) to a minimum. Typical applications include ice/snow melt systems; chilled water distribution; hot water district energy projects; chemical feed; industrial process piping and even solar heating.

Ice/Snow Melt Systems

Use PEX-Flex to run warm water from the heat source to the pad without losing heat.

Chilled Water Distribution

Use PEX-Flex to distribute centrally chilled water for air conditioning … often without joints or fittings. The highly efficient polyurethane insulation reduces heat gain from the warm soil (or ambient air temperature) greatly increasing system efficiency.

Hot Water District Energy

Use PEX-Flex to move around hot water in campus style systems … often without joints or fittings. Also ideally suited for steam condensate return.

Chemical Feed / Industrial Process Piping

Use PEX-Flex for transfer of chemicals or general process piping. Typically, joints and fittings are eliminated reducing worry of leakage … saving money when compared to traditional containment piping.

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